Service Starter Package

Starting the business with SERVICE STARTER PACKAGE from FRITZ EMDE.

The proper maintenance and testing of fire extinguishers with the right FRITZ EMDE Powder filling units allows you to:

  • Absolutely dust-free emptying and filling in a continuous process
  • Cleaning of filter package and hopper achieved automatically
  • Big advantage is the diagonally positioned removable sieve, which retains lumps and contamination
  • Fast suction performance/min
  • Best of all, high-quality and maintenance-free self-cleaning filter element


a powder filling unit for efficient work in working height (also, to be installed in a high vehicle with a special vehicle support.)

Mobile Powder Filling Unit

storage tank, capacity 50 kg and filling adaptor P50-250N for emptying, filling and sieving procedures of fire extinguishers of all makes and sizes.

Clamping device model M (No. 100 410)

Quick-action clamping device; manual operation to be mounted on a work bench.

P50-250 N Filling adaptor (No. 100 210)

For filling mobile fire fighting appliances from 50 kg up to 250 kg, consisting of adaptor, hose (2.5 m) and suction lance (1.2 m).

Mobile Powder Filling Unit
PFF-FLIPP-EK (No. 103 000)

for emptying, filling and sieving procedures of fire extinguishers of all makes and sizes.

Inspektion lamp (No. 100 140)

Inspection lamp is used for the internal control of all types of extinguisher.


Universal key (No. 100 130)

Universal key for opening all types ofextinguisher.

Vehicle Support (No. 100 120)

An efficient and handy working process are guaranteed with the different optional features in the service vehicle.

The pull-out about 90° tilting vehicle support is suitable for:

  • PFF-II/E

Floor scale, model BW150 20XL (No. 100 520)

With integrated cylinder support without automatic cut-off.

N2-QUICK Adaptor (No. 300 150)

Nitrogen-Adaptor N2-QUICK for fast nitrogen filling of stored pressure extinguisher. The universal filling rubber for the filling of all established types of valves and makes.