Special Purpose Unit
Helium Leak Detection · No. 811 000

The helium leak detection unit is for testing of pressurized extinguishers for any leakage.

Helium Leak Detection Unit

Due to the fast automatic operation of the helium leak detection unit in connection with the accuracy of the helium detector, the operator is able to recognize immediately whether an extinguisher is leaky.

The leak detection is effected according to the EN3 standards.

The two separate testing chambers guarantee a mutual test and insertion or removal and therefore, a rational functioning. The unit is made in a tubular steel construction and cased with aluminium streamline strut and aluminium sheets.

Permissible dimensions of the fire extinguishers:

  • max. L x W: 240 mm
    (including all attachments)
  • max. Total height: 650 mm
    (with fitting)
Testing UnitExtinguisher from 1 to 12 kg
Testing chamber amount2
Testing extinguisher per chamber1
Chamber handlingBy push button automatic
Testing Cycleautomatic – adjustable
Pre-vacuum pump groupHigh vacuum + rotary single-stage
High-vacuum pump groupHigh vacuum – double stage; according EN 3-7 standard
Test capacity: 120 pieces/hour6 kg extinguisher, 2 pieces/minute; 1piece/ 30 sec.
Test capacity: 160 pieces/hour6 kg extinguisher- two pumps
Pneumatic drive5 bar (filtered & dehumidified air)
5 bar (filtered & dehumidified air)3 x 230/400 V; 50 Hz
Colourhammer finish painted blue