HD1+1 · No. 421 000

Combined stationary High-Pressure testing unit HD1+1 for testing of pressure cylinders.

Hydro test products: HD1+1 - FRITZ EMDE - Mechanical and vacuum engineering

Pressure test:

  • Testing unit to test CO2-extinguishers, steel bottles or similar with large conical CO2 female thread (W21,8 x 1/14”)
  • max. diameter: 140 mm
  • min. diameter: 60 mm
  • max. admitted height: 1100 mm
  • Two separate clamping positions, equipped with quick-adaptor. These are equipped with ascending pipes according to the size of the cylinder
  • Adaptation of the cylinder at the quick-adaptor; the cylinder is placed head down on the adaptor
  • Clamping of cylinder is effected pneumatically
  • Control of the complete procedure by SPS
  • Testing procedure is started manually by button, operation works automatically by SPS
  • During pressure raise the testing area is protected by a sliding door. Water filling comes out of the water tank through the pressure line directly into the pressure tank
  • Pressure build-up by compressedair driven one piston pump (all parts getting in touch with water are made of special steel)
  • Pressure indication by sensor which is shown on a digital display
  • Disconnection at the preset pressure is automatically; indication of the present pressure at the display
  • Control of pressure after adjusted stop period is automatically; signalling when pressure test has been unsuccessful
  • In case of successful test, the cylinder is emptied automatically by compressed-air assistance. Water gets directly into the water tank
  • Pressure test is effected on each cylinder separately
  • Pressure test: High-Pressure
    0 – 250 bar
  • Pressure test is effected mutually
  • Fast emptying of the cylinders by blowing the water out by compressedair
  • Illumination of the unit

Optional available at extra charge:

  • Control system to memorize data by PC
  • Possibility to adjust data of cylinder by keyboard
  • Indication and printing of pressure course by software program with display
Dimensions (l x w x h) switch box and control unitapprox. 2200 x 2200 x 950 mm
Connection for water supply of pressing pump1/2″
Connection for water emptying1″
MotorAC 230 V, 50 Hz, 10 A
Filling pumpAC 230 V
Drive of High-Pressure pumpmax. 10 bar