Hydrant testing unit, model WHP/WT/T · No 481 000

The WHP/WT/T hydrant testing unit is designed for the testing of hydrants according to DIN 14461 part 1 and DIN 14462.

Hydro test products: WHP - FRITZ EMDE - Mechanical and vacuum engineering
Dimensions (l x w x h)approx. 900 x 640 x 1000 mm
Water tank capaity18 l
Max. working pressure25 bar
MotorAC 230 V, 2.1 kW
Heateradjustable from 0 – 600°C
Fanmax. 2,2 m3/min
Weightapprox. 100 kg

Due to the compact construction, the WHP/WT/T can be operated easily and quickly.

The WHP/WT/T is equipped with a water tank, High-Pressure pump, hose drying installation and pressure gauge with switch-off feature. The pressure gauge switches off automatically on reaching the preadjusted testing pressure. The leakage testing of the piping, wall hydrants, hydrant ttings and hoses is indicated on the pressure gauge. The “WHP/WT/T” testing unit is reliable and precise.

Accessories of WHP/WT/T:

  • 1 joint
  • 1 nozzle 4 mm D
  • 1 nozzle 9 mm C
  • 1 transition piece C-D
  • 1 transition piece B-C
  • adjustable pressure gauge with switch-off


  • Hydrant testing unit, same model as described, however without drying installation

Optional available at extra charge:

  • Flow meter