Pressure Testing Unit
HD-CFK-2 · No. 402 000

High-pressure test module HD-CFK-2 for recording the volumetric expansion of bottles made of composite materials, aluminum and steel.

HD-CFK-2 with two testing places for simultaneous test of five steel or composite cylinder with a water volume up to 7 l and a test pressure of 450 bar. The volumetric expansion of the bottle to be tested is measured and the expansion is collected in the measuring cup and displayed on a scale.

Dimensions (l x w x h)approx. 1150 x 650 x 2100 mm
Water connection1/2″ or BS
Weight (empty)approx. 130 kg
Working pressuremax. 450 bar
Colourhammer finish painted blue

Test pressure has to be made by an external pressure pump which is not included in delivery. The unit can be attached to all High-Pressure units as additional module.

The module can also be equipped with a manual clamping clamp with quick catch (model 100 410)

Equipment of the module:

  • 2 test tubes made of aluminum, individually lockable
  • 2 lids with quick-release fasteners
  • 2 x separate scales (resolution 0.1g) with measuring cups
  • 2 screw-in adapters, large conical
  • 2 screw-in adapters M18 X 1.5
Drucktestanlage Waage

Optional for an additional charge:

  • electric crane (No. 406 500)
  • Test module can be equipped with a high pressure pump and a pressure gauge
  • Stationary module for wall installation (model HD-CFK-1W)
  • Screw-in adapter, e.g. small conical, M25 x 2, etc.