Valve Screwing Unit
EA-120 · No. 601 000

Safe functioning and high capacity screwing unit to screw and unscrew bottles and bottle valves.

Appropriate for the sizes between 80 mm to 210 mm diameter. For further sizes you require optional accessories which have to be demanded for. The pneumatic pressure cylinder, 125 mm diameter, reaches a high pressure to loose tightly fitted valves.

Appropriate for:

  • CO2-bottles up to 10 kg
  • CO2-cartridges possible with optional parts
  • CO2-extinguishers
  • Breathing air apparatus
  • Diving bottles
  • N2-bottles up to 10 litre

The unit is equipped with:

  • Special screwing adaptor
  • Potentiometer to adjust the requested torque
  • Height adjustment by a precise slideway

Optional available at extra charge:

  • Two-hand operating of the clamping device
  • Equipped with connection for nitrogen and pressure gauge for nitrogen filling
Dimensions (l x w x h)approx. 1000 x 550 x 2500 mm
Max. torque1,1 kW
Speed335 Nm
Motor with gear0 – 30 U/min
Motor380 V, 3-phase, 16 A, 50 Hz, 1.1 kW
Compressed-air5 – 10 bar
Colourhammer finish painted blue or silvergrey