HD-CFK-3-FW · No. 403 500

High-pressure testing module for detecting the volumetric expansion of bottles made of composite materials, aluminum and steel.

The mobile Hydrotest Unit HD-CFK-3 with three test benches is used for simultaneous pressure testing of three cylinders made of composite materials, steel or aluminum with a water volume up to 18 liters and a test pressure of 450 bar. The pressure test procedure is carried out in the volumetric expansion method (Water Jacket). In this case, the volumetric expansion of the cylinder to be tested is measured and the expansion in the measuring cup is collected and displayed on a Balance.

Dimensions (l x w x h)approx. 1450 x 850 x 1400 mm
Water connection1/2″
Weight (empty)approx. 150 kg
Working pressuremax. 450 bar
Colourhammer finish painted blue

The test pressure must be provided by an external pressure pump, which is not included in the delivery. The system can be connected to all high-pressure test machines as an additional module.

Equipment of the module:

  • 1 x control manometer 0 – 600 bar
  • equipped with 3 scales and 0.1 g resolution
  • 3 lids with quick release fasteners
  • 3 screw-in adapters, large conical
  • 3 screw-in adapters M18 X 1.5

Optional available at extra charge:

  • Manually/Electrically operated pulley
  • Stationary unit for floor installation
  • Screwed adaptor, e.g. small-conical, M25x2 etc.