FSV-A · No. 483 000

Cylinder tilting unit FSV-A
The cylinder tilting unit model FSV-A enables the lifting, turning, tilting and moving of large cylinder up to 80 l without any effort. The cylinder is safely fixed to the clamping prism by two tension belts (60 mm, 8 to tension) und lifted by worm gear drive.

Hydro test products: FSV-A - FRITZ EMDE - Mechanical and vacuum engineering

The cylinder can be rotated 360° con- tinuously and locked at a position of 180° in lifted state. The unit is made of corrosion-free aluminium and can be xed to the oor by four screws. The cylinder tilting unit FSV-A facilitate the emptying of the cylinder after nished water pressure test according to the regulations for pressure tanks.

Optional available at extra charge:

  • Mobile unit, equipped with two guide/ brake and two xed rollers for heavy loads (model FSV-AF)
Dimensions (l x w x h)approx. 850 x 850 x 1600 mm
Weight (empty)approx. 69 kg
Max. Ø bottleapprox. 200 – 410 mm
Max. bottle heightapprox. 1200 – 1900 mm
Weight (empty)approx. 300 kg