HD-ND3+3 · No. 473 000

Stationary High- and Low-Pressure testing unit, model HD-ND3+3

Combined stationary High- and Low-Pressure testing, model HD-ND3+3 for testing of extinguishers and pressure cylinders. The unit is made of aluminium with two areas each with a clamping-tilting support for 3 cylinders.

Hydro test products: HD-ND3+3 - FRITZ EMDE - Mechanical and vacuum engineering

Pressure testing unit for powder extinguishers, CO2-cylinders, steel bottles, breathing air apparatus etc. with the following dimensions:

  • max. diameter: 80 – 200 mm
  • max. admitted height: 730 mm

The water is collected inside the water collecting basin and transported by diving pump through a separate pipework for filling of the cylinder. Pressure test is effected separately for each area (right or left side).

High-Pressure test area: 0 – 450 bar
Low-Pressure test area: 0 – 30 bar

Optional available at extra charge:

  • Numbers of testing connections according to customer concern
  • Electric tilting device
  • Pneumatic clamping device
  • Integrated drying unit
  • Pressure sensor with digital display
Dimensions (l x w x h)approx. 2600 x 900 x 2200 mm
High-Pressure pumpcompressed-air driven, 600 bar
Low-Pressure pumpcompressed-air driven, 40 bar
Submergible pumpAC 230 V, 0.25 kW
Submergible pump2 pcs. – 300 ltr. capacity, aluminium
Water basin1/4″, 10 bar
Connection for water supply of pressing pump1/2″
Motor230/400 V, 10 A, 50 Hz
Colourhammer finish painted blue
Accessory+ 3 universal Low-Pressure adaptors
+ 3 screwed adaptors (small conical CO2-thread)
+ 3 screwed adaptors (large conical CO2-thread)
OptionalLocking device:
quick acting locking device/crank locking device