HD-CFK-3 · No. 403 000

Hydrotest unit for volumetric expansion of bre carbon cylinders.

The mobile hydrotest unit model HD-CFK-3 with three testing tubes is designed for the simultaneous pressure test of three rbe carbon cylinders with up to 7 litres volume and up to the test pressure of 450 bar. The test procedure is the volumetric expansion test (Water Jacket). The steady volumetric expansion will be indicated by a measuring tube.

The pressure has to be made by an external pressure pump, which is not inclu- ded in the scope of supply. The unit can be connected to all pressure testing units as an additional module.

Dimensions (l x w x h)approx. 1450 x 600 x 2150 mm
Water connection1/2″ or BS
Weight (empty)approx. 150 kg
Working pressuremax. 450 bar
Colourhammer finish painted blue

Maximum admitted dimensions of the pressure cylinders:

  • Max. diameter: 300 mm
  • Max. height: 600 mm
  • Max. volume: 18 l

(Other dimensions on request)


  • 300 mm 600 mm 18 l
  • 3 High-Pressure adaptor large conical
  • 3 High-Pressure adaptor M18 x 1,5

Optional available at extra charge:

  • Electrically operated pulley
  • The hydrotest unit can be equipped with more or less Testing tubes according to the customer
  • Stationary unit for wall installation
  • Screwed adaptor, e.g. small-conical, M25x2 etc.