IRM-2000-A · No. 707 000

The SPS-controlled internal cleaning unit, model IRM-2000-A is designed for cleaning the inside of steel cylinders, for example diving and breathing apparatus cylinders. With the special brush the inside of the cylinder will be cleaned very gently.

internal-cleaning-unit irm-2000-a
Dimensions (l x w x h)approx. 1100 x 1000 x 5500 mm
Motor2,2 kW- 230/400 V, 1480 U/min
Pulley1.2 kW – 230/400 V
(speed adjustable)
Cleaning brushstainless steel
Cleaning time1 – 2 min
(depends on the adjusted speed)
Compressed-air2.5 – 4 bar
(pneumatic clamping unit)
Weightapprox. 450 kg

The rotation of the cleaning brush controlled by frequency converter is approximately 1450 rpm. Therefore we guarantee, that the inside of the steel cylinder will be cleaned completely from rusty deposits. With different special brushes all cylinder diameters can be cleaned. The maximum cylinder dimensions are max. 2000 mm lenght and max. 300 mm diameter. (different sizes and diameters on request) The continuous adjustment allows the user to change between diving cylinders, breathing apparatus cylinders or fire extinguisher cylinders with small conical, large conical or cylindrical threat with a only few work steps. The unit is equipped with all safetyrelated components, like controlled door locking device, emergency stop button, automatic limit switch, etc. The material grade of all components is made from aluminium or stainless steel, this guarantees the long-life cycle of all components.