AEE-1000-F · No. 118 100

The mobile filling rack, model AEE-1000-F is for filling the old powder into Big-Bags or storage container in a dustless and fast way


The unit is equipped with:

  • a high quality self-cleaning filter package
  • four wheels
  • by-pass channel with high suction capacity
  • a manually operated shutting flap
  • four robust BIG-BAG loops- fastener
  • High quality steel lance 1200 mm

The emptying of the extinguisher is effected manually directly into the tank by using a suction lance. Extinguisher under pressure can be emptying direct with a connection into the storage container.

Demand for the sucking material:

The filter unit is only appropriate for totally dried and non-aggressive dusts and powder.

Optional available at extra charge:

  • Equipped with pneumatic shutting flap
  • Adaptor for filling of plastic material barrel
  • High quality steel lance with earthed hose
  • a powerful, low-maintenance vacuum pump
Dimensions (l x w x h)approx. 1400 x 1600 x 2750 mm
Voltagethree-phase current 230/400 V, 50 Hz, 12 A
Capacity30 kg/min
Compressed-air6 – 8 bar
Weightapprox. 300 kg
Colourhammer finish painted blue