Rollcontainer KU-K KU-KK with flap gate · No. 902 500

The EMDE BIG BOX TROLLEY, model KU-K is used for the safe transportation of liquid and solid media up to a total weight of 500 kg. The trolley is fitted with two steering/braking wheels and two fixed wheels.

The wheels have Aluminium rims and solid rubber tyres to ensure the trolley has minimal rolling resistance and is easy to manoeuvre despite its weight even on rough ground. The single wheel load is 400 kg.

Dimensions (l x w x h)approx. 1200 x 800 x 950 mm
Constructionaluminum substructure with HDPE box
Weight (empty)approx. 45 kg
Load capacityapprox. 500 kg
Volumeapprox. 530 l

Licences and guidelines:

  • Complies with GGVSE (German regulations for the transportation of dangerous goods by road and rail)
  • Complies with “Guidelines for the design and use of non-powered trolleys by fire services” (Expert recommendation No. 2/2014 from the DFV (German Fire Service Association))

Also available as the model KU-KK with a flap gate at half height. (No. 902 600)

Options available at extra charge:

  • Kill switch (pull) (No. 950 999)
  • Kill switch (push) (No. 950 998)
  • Plastic lid (No. 902 610)
  • Ball valve outlet (No. 902 615)